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Who knows what tomorrow unfolds?

Who knows what tomorrow unfolds? No one. Anything can happen. So, little did the father and son know. It was a fine evening, sun was almost down and the sky was bloody red. Ali was waiting for his son Umar to return home, rocking on his chair looking at his jute fields. Everything was calm,… Continue reading Who knows what tomorrow unfolds?


For the utmost love and care!

Mother, a simple seven-letter word.It can be used as a noun, verb and adjective as we know. If I were your English teacher I would have elaborated on that. Thank God, I am not.So, basically, who is a mother? A woman who has borne a child, a stepmother, an adoptive mother or a mother-in-law. Is… Continue reading For the utmost love and care!


It’s been a while!

"Every Saint has a past, and so every sinner has a future" 6th June 2018 was the last time I wrote. I was sitting on the stairs then. And today here I am sitting all alone in the dark pouring out. 2 years, seems a long time ago and I assure you a lot happened… Continue reading It’s been a while!


Sitting on the stairs.

Someone asked me why am I not writing anything these days. Anyway, here is something I just wrote. Sitting on the stairs. I am sitting here on the stairs of the pond, having nothing to do but dangle my legs in the water. I am here all alone. Alone with my thoughts. Random thoughts of… Continue reading Sitting on the stairs.


Have I ever…..??

To the person who unknowingly played a great role in an episode of my life... Hey. Have I ever wrote to you... How you shattered my world of lies and made me realised, it's time to face the harsh truth and overcome it? How beautifully you played the role in my escape from my own… Continue reading Have I ever…..??


How will I?

I am in love I guess. And I have been before but had to face the fate of rejection. I love this person so much I want to tell her but fear a lot of losing her forever. I love her.. I love her more than she will ever know. If I was to write… Continue reading How will I?


He is out there.

He was single. He needed someone to love, someone who would love him. He was always made realized by people around that he will find someone better. He was single all the way. And most of the time, he heard phrases like, "Hey! Man. Give it a shot.", " You know, if you never try… Continue reading He is out there.


Why Do I Need Motivation?

Yesterday, I was just having a conversation with someone and that someone asked, "Are you writing your blogs?" And I replied, No. Will write soon. I need motivation and topic to write on. And thus how I got something to write- "Why do I need motivation?" Me and my behavior is always a surprise, I… Continue reading Why Do I Need Motivation?


And don’t know yet how to begin.

Life is not merely a journey from the womb to the grave, it's much more in between. Journey of everyone's life is full of tales. Tales of happiness and sorrow. Tales of love and regret. Tales untold. Tales unheard. Tales of dream that never found a way and wishes that are never truly gone. -… Continue reading And don’t know yet how to begin.



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Tomorrow": a mystical word which is stored in motivation and achievement. Sadly tomorrow always turns into today and, well we all know that nothing is going to get done today. Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow, some people may come into my life and I will know right away that they were meant to be there, they may… Continue reading Tomorrow


We are all broken.

We are all broken. It's true, we all are. At times a little chipped and at others smashed with only hope and superglue to save us. We all have that secret side which is weak, scared, bruised and imprisoned. We all know that, no matter how hard we try to pretend to be normal, we… Continue reading We are all broken.