“Words”- the most powerful force.
Force that have power to encourage or discourage, love or hate, tear down or build up, bring peace or make war.

I want to harness this force called “words” in a better way to bring change.

I prefer words to say about myself and my circumstances to change my life and my environment.

I need to be more aware about my words before it flows out of my pen or vaporize off from my tongue.

I know and believe words hold more power than I imagine.

I hope I can be some who can eliminate negative words and write positive life-building words.

I hope my words will be powerful enough to create my reality.

I believe my words will be the birds of inspiration to all, someday.

Hope someday my words will mean something more than just an element of writing and speech.

Hope my words will create a vibration among the people who have lost their paths in this great maze called “Earth”.

Thank you for reading.
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And please share your words in the comments section and say what do “words” mean to you??


4 thoughts on “Words…

  1. U r just getting into a better world of ur own surrounded by ur own powerful words. U r jst becoming more precise in what u r doing.

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