And don’t know yet how to begin.

Life is not merely a journey from the womb to the grave, it’s much more in between.

Journey of everyone’s life is full of tales. Tales of happiness and sorrow. Tales of love and regret. Tales untold. Tales unheard. Tales of dream that never found a way and wishes that are never truly gone.

I always wanted these above lines to be the beginning of my so called ‘major writing piece’.

But, I am such a procrastinator that my ‘major writing piece’ never happened. I always seek motivation and inspiration from people all around me and believe me that inspire a lot but not what I need or may be not up to the mark.

It is a great experience to write, write for myself. Words are now friends in loneliness.

I believe that someday I will write something that will be big, at least for me. But, for that I need a great push towards the world of writing.

I have stories to tell but I fear will anyone listen to them. I have many things to write but I fear that writing piece to be left unread. I fear a lot, yet act like one with no fears.

This year, I started writing my so called ‘major writing piece’ and few of my friends even read a page or two, but unfortunately I couldn’t force myself in completing it.

I first started writing a fictional piece based on someone’s life as an inspiration but yet failed to stick with that inspiration as flow of words were too slow to write up that story.

Later on, I started writing on my own life, but guess what my life is not that interesting and so skipped that idea too, though I almost wrote 10 small chapters of life which unfortunately got deleted and that seemed positive indication to write better.

Yet, I failed to grasp ideas to write on.


But. Something happened this October that sparked my life, not only my life but also of my friends. October brought me to someone who boosted up my life to another level.

And that October led to a great November, a month of experiences and memories unforgettable.

Though, I am hoping something more interesting from my life to happen.

Let’s see what time brings to me. Hope it makes me someone who can write down feelings through words that others can feel them too.

Hope time will make me the one who can write, write better then now.

I always want to begin now, but what I lack are words to begin and that’s why may be I don’t know yet how to begin.

  • Thank You for reading. That’s all.
  • Please leave your valuable comments. And feel free share, so that people can share their ideas and motivate me.

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