Why Do I Need Motivation?

Yesterday, I was just having a conversation with someone and that someone asked, “Are you writing your blogs?”

And I replied, No. Will write soon. I need motivation and topic to write on.

And thus how I got something to write- “Why do I need motivation?”

Me and my behavior is always a surprise, I guess.

I crave for success in life and yet I don’t take a step on the path. I have many reasons for not achieving what I want, yet many reasons to.

I am great procrastinator and I know that very well. It always starts with a question that pops in my head everything time I need to do something.

“Do I need to do this today?”


No need!

I can start tomorrow or may be day after tomorrow.

And this creepy things in my head creates a great difference. Difference in the quality of my life, I guess I am leading now.

I believed that for climbing the hill of success, I first need to set some goals that I need to do this, I need to do that.

But, what am I currently doing is totally opposite of what I want.

Is this the real path I need to go?

Oh! I see came too far.

I can’t move back.

Okay, let me continue the path that is not your path, yet you know it will lead you to success somehow.

But, to continue on the path a push is needed.

A push called “MOTIVATION”.

Motivation, I believe can be gained from self realization or from the people around.

Motivation for me is like a lamp illuminating the path I am walk. May be I am carrying the lamp or may be someone else. And all I need to do is to walk the path illuminated.

But, you know what sometimes, winds of over thinking resulting into pessimistic thoughts try to blow off the lamp and that’s when I need someone to hold hands beside the lamp trying to save it from blowing off.

I am glad, I have a lovely family and friends who try to keep the lamp lit up but I realise I am the one who have to toil and oil the lamp.

Sometimes, self-imagination and visualization helps to climb and hike up and sometime words of people who really care act like a stick when we are about to fall.

And, now I realized that however and whatever way I get motivation, I need to put it to action, else I guess I would always be a procrastinator.

So, folks what do you think about motivation, why do we need it and how do you people get motivated?

Please comment. Text me. Just share your views.

Thank You.


One thought on “Why Do I Need Motivation?

  1. For me it comes in waves loll
    But an important factor to accomplish anything: I can’t stress enough the importance of lists.
    Make a to do list. Cross off what you’ve accomplished. Sometimes I make a What I Did list, after the fact (for when I haven’t made a To Do list) cuz it’s nice to see what you’ve done to move you forward. It then motivates you to keep moving forward.
    Momentum creates more momentum.
    As long as you do a little something every day to move you forward, you’ll get to where you want to be 😉


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