He is out there.

He was single.

He needed someone to love, someone who would love him.

He was always made realized by people around that he will find someone better.

He was single all the way.

And most of the time, he heard phrases like, “Hey! Man. Give it a shot.”, ” You know, if you never try you will never know.”

And, finally, he got into a relationship for the sake of being in one, and he failed miserably.

Thank God! He was not that much emotionally attached, and never had false realisation like, ” I was never good and will never be good enough for anyone”.

But at a point, he was happy as that was a heck of an experience which he realised he needed. And he learnt the most important lesson of life – NOT TO FORCE ANYTHING.

Though he was in a relationship his idea of a perfect date was still safe and sealed. He was happy about that and now he stopped chasing love now.

He now realised that he will eventually find someone who will treat him better than ever.

He hopes he will find someone who is out there, who is meant to be his better half and will walk holding his hands under the starry sky with a gloomy moon and will promise to grow old together and will walk the same even after decades with sticks.

He knows love will find him in its sweet time and it will be totally worth it.

Till then, he is out there.

He is out there with a hope of finding the love he truly deserves and which will be enough to make him happy throughout sunrises and sunsets.

He is out there spreading smiles.

He is out there with people he loves, who tolerates his poor jokes and joins the crazy pointless conversations.

He is out there with people who love him, in search of the one who would walk with him with sticks.

He is out there.


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